Farm Energy Publications

To view archived videos of the ISU Farm Energy webinars, visit these links:

June 2013 - video of the fourth annual ISU Farm Energy webinar
May 2012 - video of the third annual ISU Farm Energy webinar
May 2011 - video of the second annual ISU Farm Energy webinar
May 2010 - video of the introductory ISU Farm Energy webinar

Use the links below to download ISU Farm Energy publications in PDF format or to browse these and other topics online using the Digital Repository at Iowa State University.

Energy Consumption

Estimating Payback for Energy Efficiency
How Much Energy Is Being Used on Your Farm?
Electric Savings: Understanding Demand and 3-phase Motor Use
Tracking the Energy Use on Your Farm + Farm Energy Log

Farm Equipment

NEW! Case Study: Tractor Fuel Consumption at Armstrong
Case Study: Tractor Fuel Consumption at Nashua
Fuel Efficiency Factors for Tractor Selection
Shift Up and Throttle Back to Save Tractor Fuel
Tractor Maintenance to Conserve Energy
Ballasting Tractors for Fuel Efficiency

Field Crops

Energy Consumption for Row Crop Production
Limiting Field Operations
Energy Conservation in Corn Nitrogen Fertilization

Grain Drying

NEW! Case Study: Energy consumption during grain drying
Improving Corn Drying Efficiency
Energy Considerations for Low-temperature Grain Drying
Dryeration and Combination Drying for Increased Capacity and Efficiency
Managing High Temperature Grain Dryers for Energy Efficiency

Lighting & Heating

Indoor Lighting for Livestock, Poultry and Farm Shop Facilities
Energy Fundamentals for Farm Lighting
Conserve Heat Energy in the Farm Shop


Managing Swine Ventilation Controller Settings to Save Energy
Energy Efficient Fans for Swine Production
Conserving Energy by Using Localized Heating in Swine Housing
Sizing Minimum Ventilation to Save Heating Energy in Swine Housing


Energy Efficient Fans for Poultry Production


Energy Efficiency for Dairy Milking Equipment