February 2017

Installing solar arrays becomes more attractive for farmers

January 2017

2017 MREC Conference: 55th annual rural energy conference, Feb 9-10 in Bloomington, MN

May 2016

Successful Farming: How to stretch your fuel dollar

March 2016

2016 MREC Conference: 54th annual rural energy conference, March 2-4 in La Crosse, WI

February 2016

Changes in energy use can lead to savings for swine producers

January 2016

Harvest Public Media: Farm equipment enters ‘sharing economy’
Join us for “Energy saving practices on the farm” during the Crop Advantage Series, Jan. 21 in Waterloo, IA

December 2015

Wallaces Farmer: Shop lighting gets update

November 2015

Publication offers solution to improve tractor efficiency and cut fuel cost

October 2015

Ag Jobs A to Z: ISU Extension
Two-year case study shows energy used for grain drying
VIDEO: Ventilation and energy management

September 2015

Wallaces Farmer: Cut your propane use and costs when drying corn

August 2015

Grain drying research guides farmers in harvest and winter storage plans
Visit Camp Cy at the Iowa State Fair
Iowa State bring bugs and Cy to Iowa State Fair

July 2015

Electric cooperatives acquire territory from Alliant Energy in southern Minnesota
Wallaces Farmer: Fan maintenance saves energy

April 2015

Early bird registration extended to May 1 for Midwest Farm Energy Conference, June 17-19 in Morris, MN

March 2015

Corn+Soybean Digest: Cut energy and save yields
Wallaces Farmer: Cut tractor fuel costs
Early bird registration until April 1 for Midwest Farm Energy Conference, June 17-19

February 2015

Midwest Rural Energy Council annual conference, Feb 18-20
Harmon plays key role in new state-of-the-art home for ABE at ISU

January 2015

Video: Tips for saving energy on the farm
with Corn+Soybean Digest
Wallaces Farmer: Shaving and saving energy costs
Extension in Action – Farm lighting
Farm Talk Newspaper: Conserve heat energy in the farm shop

December 2014

Register for the Crop Advantage Series – statewide locations for January 2015

November 2014

Wallaces Farmer: Bright future for ag engineers
Register for the Integrated Crop Management conference – Dec. 3rd & 4th at ISU
Farm Progress: Could you dry corn more efficiently?

October 2014

Study Measures Propane Used for Grain Drying
AgWeb: How to cut tractor fuel expenses

September 2014

Wallaces Farmer: Dryeration boosts efficiency
Iowa Stray Voltage Guide now available online
Study Results Tell How to Cut Tractor Fuel Expenses
Register now for 2014 Extension Energy & Environment Summit, Sept. 23-26 in Ames, IA

August 2014

Hanna receives ISU applied research award
Harmon named interim director of ISU’s Iowa Pork Industry Center

July 2014

Touchstone Energy Co-ops will sponsor 4-H Exhibits Building at Iowa State Fair
Wallaces Farmer: Get facts on new energy sources
Thinking about installing solar or wind? Review REC “Distributed Generation” Checklist.

June 2014

Northern ISU research farm field day on June 26 relocated to 104 N. Main in Kanawha
Waukon Standard: Annual ISU Research Farm Field Day June 24, Nashua
Iowa State University energy efficiency experts are helping farmers save money

May 2014

Brownfield Ag News: Study confirms technique saves tractor fuel (audio)
Wallaces Farmer: Farm Energy team is growing
Study Shows ‘Shift Up, Throttle Back’ Technique Saves Tractor Fuel
May is Electrical Safety Month: Safety on the Farm

April 2014

Join us for ISU field days June 24 at 1:00pm & June 26 at 9:00am in northern Iowa

March 2014

Wallaces Farmer: Field trial shows fuel savings
View 30-minute video of our webinar “ISU Farm Energy: Resources for Energy Efficiency”

February 2014

ISU Farm Energy added to Mar. 4 agenda for Wallace Foundation meeting in SW Iowa
AgWeb: Keys to conserving propane for pork producers

January 2014

Wallaces Farmer: Avoid overventilation of livestock buildings in winter
Keys to conserving propane for pork producers
Online registration is open for the statewide 2014 Crop Advantage Series
Download the proceedings from the 2013 Integrated Crop Management conference

December 2013

Successful Farming: Change the ways you burn diesel fuel – and burn less
Register for the Integrated Crop Management conference – Dec. 4th & 5th at ISU

November 2013

Wallaces Farmer: Maintenance extends bulb life
Farm Energy fact sheet series now available through the Digital Repository at ISU

October 2013

Register now for solar energy workshop – Oct. 30th in Washington, IA

September 2013

Wallaces Farmer: Harvest these fuel-saving tips

August 2013

Register now for Annie’s Project 10th anniversary workshop – Sept. 18th in Ames, IA
Ag Decision Maker: Minimize risk by monitoring farm energy costs

July 2013

Iowa State Research and Demonstration Farms to Host Aug. 1 Field Day
Wallaces Farmer: Brazilian sun cuts farm costs
Energy Efficiency Workshop for Swine Production at Virginia Tech

June 2013

Webinar: ISU Farm Energy Project presents farm energy efficiency
Farm Energy Webinar to Air June 25
Wallaces Farmer: Evaluating your energy ‘payback’

May 2013

Wallaces Farmer: Maintain fans, save energy
Swine producers see financial gains in learning about ventilation systems

April 2013

Wallaces Farmer: Student joins our team

March 2013

Wallaces Farmer: Rolling your way to fuel savings

February 2013

2013 MREC Conference: 51st annual rural energy conference, Bloomington, MN
Wallaces Farmer: Timely maintenance saves fuel

January 2013

Wallaces Farmer: Monitor energy costs this year
Ag Decision Maker: Conserve fuel and energy when moving snow
Agriculture.com: Cutting your farm’s energy costs

December 2012

Wallaces Farmer: Right-sizing minimum ventilation

November 2012

Wallaces Farmer: Conserve energy in farm shop

October 2012

Wallaces Farmer: Reduce tillage, cut fuel costs

September 2012

Wallaces Farmer: Save energy with right lighting
Iowa Farmer Today: Publication helps dairy farm energy

August 2012

Wallaces Farmer: Energy assessments work

July 2012

New Publication Helps Dairy Farmers Conserve Energy
Wallaces Farmer: Low-temperature drying
Iowa Farmer Today: Path to pigs leads engineer to Iowa

June 2012

New Publication Illustrates Energy Used in Row Crop Production
Wallaces Farmer: Reducing energy on dairy farms
New Publication Helps Farmers Conserve Energy in Swine Facilities

May 2012

WEBINAR VIDEO: View the recording of the third annual ISU Farm Energy webinar
New Publication Helps Farmers Evaluate Low-temperature Grain Drying Options
Wallaces Farmer: Fan maintenance saves energy
Progressive Dairyman: Energy Considerations for Low-temperature Grain Drying

April 2012

Wallaces Farmer: Tractor technology can save fuel
Ag Decision Maker: Payback for energy-related farm projects
New Publication Helps Farmers Save Energy with Swine Ventilation Management

March 2012

Integrated Crop Management News: Improving diesel fuel efficiency for field operations
Wallaces Farmer: Kick the tires, check gauges to save on fuel

February 2012

Integrated Crop Management News: Precision ag technology savings
AgriNews: Farmers can save money by reducing energy use
Wallaces Farmer: Tractor maintenance saves fuel
Farm Futures: Give farm an energy audit

January 2012

Successful Farming: Shop Lights
Progressive Farmer: Farm Lighting: Say Goodbye to the Incandescent Bulb?
Wallaces Farmer: Winter energy savings for engines

December 2011

Wallaces Farmer: Finding energy payback period

November 2011

Iowa Farmer Today: Publication helps farmers evaluate energy savings
Publication Helps Farmers Evaluate Payback and Energy Savings
Wallaces Farmer: Save heat, energy in farm shop

October 2011

Wallaces Farmer: Cut down on tillage
Wallaces Farmer: ISU ag engineering prof honored
Farm Energy Reduction Topic of Iowa Learning Farms Webinar on October 19
New Publication Provides Minimum Illumination Guidelines for Farm Lighting
Farm Journal: Stop the energy drain

September 2011

Wallaces Farmer: Conserve energy with dryeration
New Publication Helps Farmers Avoid Over-dried Corn
Ag Decision Maker: New publication helps farmers use data for tractor selection

August 2011

Corn & Soybean Digest: Finding Gold in Energy Conservation
New Publication Helps Farmers Save Energy in the Shop
Wallaces Farmer: Save energy with efficient fans

July 2011

Publication Helps Farmers Use Data for Tractor Selection
Iowa Farmer Today: Fuel Efficiency
Wallaces Farmer: Visit Farm Energy at field days

June 2011

Publication Illustrates Energy Efficient Farm Lighting Options
Wallaces Farmer: Changes coming in farm lighting

May 2011

WEBINAR VIDEO: View the recording of the second annual ISU Farm Energy webinar
Wallaces Farmer: Follow other farmers on Twitter
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Extension website offers farmers advice on fuel savings

April 2011

KIMT evening news: Farmers feeling the pain of high fuel prices
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Farmers think savings with fuel tips
Wallaces Farmer: Shift up, throttle down, save fuel

March 2011

Publication Shows How “Shift Up, Throttle Back” Saves Tractor Fuel
Wallaces Farmer: Fuel savings for tractors

February 2011

Wallaces Farmer: Save fuel when removing snow
New Publication Helps Farmers Improve Fuel Efficiency with Tractor Maintenance
Corn & Soybean Digest: 14 Ways to Save Energy on Your Farm

January 2011

Wallaces Farmer: Farm Energy hits the road
New Publication Helps Farmers Increase Dryer Efficiency with Dryeration

December 2010

Wallaces Farmer: Conserve heat
Crop Advantage Series Provides Latest Crop Production Information

November 2010

Wallaces Farmer: Less tillage, less fuel
New Publication Helps Farmers Improve Energy Efficiency in Hog Buildings

October 2010

Wallaces Farmer: Running on efficiency
New Publication Shows How Nitrogen Fertilizer Affects Energy Use in Corn Production

September 2010

Wallaces Farmer: Conserve fuel with ballasting

August 2010

Wallaces Farmer: Ask about energy efficiency
New Publication Helps Farmers Select Energy Efficient Fans for Poultry Facilities

July 2010

Wallaces Farmer: Welcome to “Farm Energy”
New Publication Helps Farmers Conserve Energy with Tractor Ballasting

May 2010

WEBINAR VIDEO: View the recording of the introductory ISU Farm Energy webinar
New Publication Helps Farmers Manage High-Temperature Grain Dryers for Efficiency

March 2010

New Publication Helps Farmers Select Energy Efficient Fans for Swine Production

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